Sport Medicine group

【Our works】 (~2014.11.)

conference presentation

  1. Yosuke Sasaki, Hideki Takagi, Bun Tsuji, Kazuhito Watanabe, Yosuke Murase, Shozo Tsubakimoto, Takeshi  Nishiyasu. Effects of breathing pattern during submaximal eggbeater kick on oxygen uptake at constant workload in competitive water polo players. XIIth International Symposium on Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming, AUS, 2014.4.29. (Oral)
  2. Tsuji B, Davide F, Fujii N, Hayashi K, Eguchi T, Kondo N, Nishiyasu T. Effect of CO2 on ventilatory and cerebrovascular responses during passive heating in humans. 19th annual congress of the european college of sport science, NED, 2014.7.3. (Oral)
  3. T.Monma, F.Takeda, H.Noguchi, N.Tamiya. Activity Limitation and the Relation with Health Status. The 2nd International Conference on Global Aging, JPN, 2014.9.
  4. S.Shitara, F.Takeda, T.Monma, S.Ozawa, N.Furutani. The Difference between Consulted Cases and Personal Experience of Workplace Bullying. The 21st Asian Conference on Occupational Health, JPN, 2014.9.
  5. T.Monma, F.Takeda, Y.Kohda. Relationships between Depression, Demographic Factors, and Sense of Coherence among the Caregivers in Nursing Homes for People with Intellectual Disabilities. The 21st Asian Conference on Occupational Health, JPN, 2014.9. 【Young Investigator's Award】
  6. S.Ozawa, F.Takeda, M.Abe, T.Monma, Y.Watanabe. Relationship between Readiness for Return to Work and Usage of "Rework" Services among Unemployed People and Those on Sick Leave Due to Affective Disorders. The 21st Asian Conference on Occupational Health, JPN, 2014.9.
  7. M.Tsuruta, F.Takeda, T.Monma, M.Abe, N.Furutani. Relationships between Mental Health and Demographic Factors, Work Stressors and Social Supports among Working Pregnant Women. The 21st Asian Conference on Occupational Health, JPN, 2014.9.
  8. T.Monma, F.Takeda, N.Tamiya, H.Noguchi. Age and Gender Differences in Relationships among Sociodemographics, Disease, Psychosocial Stressors, and Mental Health in Older Japanese Adults. XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology, 2014.7.

【Orinigal Paper】

  1. Fujii N., Honda Y., Komura K., Tsuji B., Sugihara A., Watanabe K., Kondo N., Nishiyasu T. (2014) Effect of voluntary hypocapnic hyperventilation on the relationship between core temperature and heat loss responses in exercising humans. J Appl Physiol (Epub ahead of print), DOI: 10.1152/japplphysiol.00334.2014.
  2. Sugihara A., Fujii N., Tsuji B., Watanabe K., Niwa T., Nishiyasu T. (2014) Hypervolemia induced by fluid ingestion at rest: effect of sodium concentration. Eur J Appl Physiol, 114(10) 2139-45.
  3. Iwayama K., Kawabuchi R., Park I., Kurihara R., Kobayashi M., Hibi M., Oishi S., Yasunaga K., Ogata H., Nabekura Y., Tokuyama K. (2014) Transient energy deficit induced by exercise increases 24-h fat oxidation in young trained men. J Appl Physiol., 
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  5. Kayaba M., Iwayama K., Ogata H., Seya Y., Kiyono K., Satoh M., Tokuyama K. (2014) The effect of nocturnal blue light exposure from light-emitting diodes on wakefulness and energy metabolism the following morning. Environ Health Prev Med., 19 354-361.
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